IRS 1096

Use this form to transmit paper Forms 1098, and 1099 to the Internal Revenue Service. This is the Form that totals up all the 1098 forms you filled out at the end of the year for all the interest paid to you on the Notes that you collect. You may want to have a bookkeeper or your accountant fill these out for you if you are using one. If not, you can do it yourself with a little research.

You will find this form online at: These forms are available for free on the Internal Revenue Service website. I recommend you order them a year early to get them on time. If you forget to order them from the IRS you can run to your nearest Office Depot to pick some up for a charge but when you can get it for free why not?

You can use this as a guideline to write your own and make it work for you. This information should not be considered legal advice. Please seek legal counsel before using any of the information or examples of documents posted on our site. Every state has its own laws, rules and regulations, we are based in Texas and follow its guidelines.  I hope you find this information helpful. If you are interested in selling a note we might be your buyer. Please feel to contact us and we will make you an offer.

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