Delinquent Taxes

As a Note Holder, you try your best to be understanding when it comes to the taxes and other expenses that homeowners deal with. Unfortunately, the County Tax Assessor does not have the same empathy about past due taxes. This letter is one of the ways to reach out to the Homeowner and inform them: 1) they need to pay their property taxes, 2) the amount owed, 3) what years are due, 4) the date in which it all needs to be paid and, 5) the consequences should they not pay them. This situation only occurs if the note does not require the homeowner pay into an escrow account for taxes. Use this as a guideline to write your own and make it specific to your needs

This information should not be considered legal advice. Please seek legal counsel before using any of the information or examples of documents posted on our site. Every state has its own laws, rules and regulations, we are based in Texas and follow its guidelines.

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